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A web based subscription that gives you unlimited access to all of Kourtney's on demand workouts, from post natal and beginner to advanced. Workout with KORE | KINECT anytime, anywhere you have internet access on your device or phone.




Virtual 1-1 training to address your body's individual needs. Privates are great on their own or can be supplemented with the KORE | KINECT classes. Kourtney can assess your body accurately in real time and help you target very specific muscles to realign your body and restore its balance.



In Newport Beach, CA!

A great addition to the KORE | KINECT on demand classes when you feel like you need a little help with your form or if you need a LIVE workout to help motivate you. These drop-in style reformer classes are kept to no more than 6 people to give you more personalized attention.


You don't have to compromise functional results for aesthetic ones. By focusing on joint mobility and proper muscle activation, we can improve your body's mechanics to create a well balanced physique that not only looks more toned, but functions optimally.

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