All of my workouts that include props can be altered to use only your own body weight or the props can be substituted with common household items. But, if you're ready to take the next step to enhance your body's overall experience and receive feedback from your muscles on a deeper level, here is a list of my recommended fitness equipment and recovery tools.

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black pilates ball.jpg

Pilates Ball

A 9" stability ball which I recommend inflating about 90 percent full


Bands standing.jpg

Resistance Bands

A pack of 5 resistance bands that range from x-light to x-heavy




A pair of two sliding disks that have one side meant for hard wood and one for carpet.


Magic circle.jpg

Pilates Magic Circle

Great for connecting to the inner thighs, pelvic floor, and lower abdominals

15" recommended


yoga blocks black.jpg

Yoga Block

Can offer support for the neck when lying down to help maintain its neutral alignment.

9x6x3" recommended


Ankle weights 1.jpg

Ankle/ Wrist Weights

Choose between 1-3 lb weights. Use code KOREKINECT for 15% off your 1st & 2nd purchase at



Yoga Tune Up Therapy Ball

Recovery prop to aid in myofascial release- best for smaller muscles like the neck, hips, shoulders, and feet.

Use code KOREKINECT for 10% off your 1st puchase

Foam Roll_edited.png

High Density Foam Roller

Recovery prop to aid in myofascial release to alleviate sore muscles, improves circulation, and increase range of motion.




Improves circulation and aids in recovery. Also a great size option for travel.