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    I used to think the more intense the workout, the faster I’d see “results”, regardless of the pain and exhaustion I felt over time, physically and emotionally.

As a ballet dancer for the first 20 years of my life, I never fully appreciated how amazing it was for my body to constantly be moving in all different planes of motion (forward and back, side to side and twisting) and utilizing the full range of my joints. It wasn’t until I started working in the world of “fitness” after my dance career was over that my body started changing, and not for the better. For years I was on the workout hamster wheel, taking every class under the sun. From advanced boot camps to cycling, from running to aggressive (but poorly programmed) Pilates classes, I thought I had to constantly be switching up my workouts and always working my muscles to complete failure in order to see results. 

Unfortunately, while I was training hard but not smart, I developed imbalances in my body that left certain muscles completely over worked and other muscles nearly atrophied. Not only was I unhappy with my body aesthetically after all that time and effort, I also developed chronic neck and hip pain and had depleted my entire system to the point of complete exhaustion (hello adrenal fatigue). And yet, the more unhappy I was with myself, the more I thought I had to keep working out even more intensely to eventually see the results that I wanted.

I finally got off the hamster wheel when I realized that there is more to working out than just squats, lunges and planks, and that form truly is everything. Surprisingly, looking back, my first (and second for that matter) Pilates teacher training programs I took had taught me the exercises, but never went into any detail about biomechanics or anatomy. When I decided to begin studying biomechanics in great depth under the mentorship of Milla Nova in Los Angeles, everything clicked for me. I took a step back from the aggressive training and instead swallowed my pride and went back to the basics. I realized that I had to unlearn and relearn some fundamental movement patterns. To my great surprise, because the body is highly adaptable, it didn’t take that long for my body to start understanding these better movement patterns and for certain muscles in my body to start “waking up” again.

I started KORE | KINECT because I wholeheartedly believe in progressive training, i.e., learning to meet our bodies where they currently are, and unfortunately there are not many fitness programs that teach this way. I absolutely want to help you achieve the goals you have for yourself, whatever they might be. But I want you to get there by first learning good form that’s going to help you move efficiently and protect your body from potential injuries. This science-backed method of training has never failed me once with any of the many clients I have taught over the years. Trust me and trust the process.

By learning to initiate movement from our core and utilize all planes of motion, we can train our bodies to function optimally and ensure that no muscle is ever over or under worked. Balance is the goal. The way we get there is to create better movement patterns through mind-muscle connections. It’s my belief that when you better understand how your body works, you are empowered to take control over it and create positive permanent change that will last forever.

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